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Curiosity is the essence of human existence. 'Who are we? Where are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going?'... I don't know. I don't have any answers to those questions. I don't know what's over there around the corner. But I want to find out.

Eugene Cernan

A conspiracy of curiosity!

Conspire is one of those words that in my work and life has been repurposed in the last 10 years.  Christians throughout North America have been talking, writing and working together about how we can conspire together to be about the work of Godís realm in the world.  We conspire, not to hide from the world or to be sneaky about our faith, but to live out the reality of Godís Kin(g)dom in the midst of the world that is going along, doing business as usual.  Those moments of extraordinary love in the ordinary days of our lives are the places, where I believe, the Kin(g)dom of God blossoms among us.  I mean, the Kin(g)dom of God is like a mustard seed, a forgiving king, a sower, a women putting yeast in bread, right?  The way Jesus talked about Godís reign was almost never the way people expected it to be.  His parables told us about the world and Godís work in it. 

Parables are curious.  They are little stories that invite us into questions about how and who and where God is working in and through.  It makes me wonder how we might allow the parables to shape our imagination, especially as it pertains to collective ministry of our congregation.  In one way parables are right on par with where we are--they are relatable, an everyday sort of story.  In another way parables are worlds apart from where we are--they challenge our assumptions, norms and our way of being.  So we are going to listen to the parables of our own lives, to our stories and look for the places where we see God at work in them and in us. 

Each week in October you will be invited to consider a question and to answer with one word.  Hereís a preview so you can ponder the questions ahead of time: 

For October 1: Consider your personal faith journey, what one word would you use to describe where you have been up until today on that journey?

For October 8: What is one word that describes your experience in the Edmonton Moravian congregation?

For October 15: Where are you in your life of faith today?  What one word comes to you as you think about this question?

For October 22: Think of the places that you see God working in the community around you, what word expresses what is happening there?

For Oct 29: As you look forward in your life of faith and ministry, what word guides your imagination and hope for what is happening in you?

It is the amazing gift of God that in the ordinary, mundane and often overlooked moments of life there is tremendous capacity for human beings to discover Godís miraculous call to abundant life.  Maybe one word isnít enough but it might just be another starting point for us to practice curiosity. 

Pastor Rebecca