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Curiosity, Connie and Clusters

When I was 9 years old my family moved to a new congregation.  I have to admit that for the first year of being there I wanted to go back the house, the church we had served before.  It may have been the first opportunity I had to choose curiosity in the face of loss.  I grieved the loss of all that I had known to that point.  This new congregation was nice, there were lots of other kids, and things to explore but it wasn't the same.  I often wonder if my parents prayed for curiosity so that I would start to look at our new home and the opportunities it presented with questions and interest.  It took quite a while for me to get there but I am glad that I finally allowed myself to be open to finding joy in the new while appreciating what had come before. 

One of the people that I came to know at Friedland was ďAuntĒ Connie.  She was in her 90ís and still had a tremendous amount of energy and spirit.  She stopped driving her tractor when she was 96, but she was always in Sunday morning worship.  She had a wonderful way about her.  She couldnít hear much anymore but if you took a notepad with you she would talk with you.  I remember loving her stories about her past and appreciating that she still looked forward to the future.  I donít recall her often complaining about the things that had changed for her like her hearing, although I am sure sometimes she did--she is human after all.  She was always ready for adventure and up for a good laugh.  She still liked to discover new things and learn.  Once I had some streamers that you blew on to get them to open up and fall to the ground, she and I had a good time, making them fly and fall, together. 

It is easy to look back and see ways that curiosity helped me or Aunt Connie to embrace the life in front of us.  In the midst of living it can sometimes be more difficult.  However, the Board and I would like to give Curiosity a try.  In the last 5 years we have explored who we are, what resources we have, and what we hope for.  With all that we have learned about ourselves, what are we curious about? 

Curiosity: noun, plural-curiosities.  1. the desire to learn or know about anything; inquisitiveness.

For 6 weeks beginning in September there will be some curiosity clusters posted at the back of the sanctuary.  Weíll build collages around the labeled, designated cluster themes.  Everyone will be invited to contribute ideas, images and words to these clusters as we allow our curiosity to lead us.  At the end of six weeks we will all have an opportunity to indicate the themes/clusters we would like to learn more about.  Then the Board will take the most chosen theme(s) and bring in speakers, information, etc. to give us opportunities to learn about them. 

We believe that as we let our holy curiosity lead us, God will show us places where who we are and what we have is just what is needed to bring the Reign of God closer still to the community we are a part of. 

Pastor Rebecca