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When I was growing up my favorite movie was “The Wizard of Oz,” known in my family as “The Wizard of B-oz”.  I loved the story, sometimes I would watch it a couple of days in a row.  I couldn’t get enough of the ruby red slippers, munchkins and the wicked witch.  I know, from stories that are told in my family, they were less enthusiastic about my movie choice and wished that I could diversify my options.  (That time did come eventually but some things still hang around for multiple viewings)

Children have a large capacity for joy in the familiar.  They actually seek out the same toys and books to play with over and over--long after parents find them amusing. But something about adulthood takes most of the joy out of the familiar.  We so easily fall into routines and rhythms where we miss many opportunities for joy each day.   I have been wondering how to be open to those moments of joy; and luckily, for Bobbie and I, we only have to watch our little boy...with each new discovery or rediscovery his joy is contagious.  As long as we are paying attention we can be swept up in new joy and deeper understanding.  What about you? What things do you find are helpful to you as you go through your days to find and hold the joy in the moments? 

I have yet to meet someone who gets tired of joy.  But we can get caught up in life that we live for the next task instead of in the present moment.  Maybe you see and feel the joy often, if so help those of us who find it more difficult...invite us into it with you.  Joy is contagious so get out there and spread it around.  May we enter this season of Easter, of new life, with Joy in the resurrection!


Pastor Rebecca