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Itís your turn.

For the past month we have been invited to consider our faith journeys through the words that encompass our experiences broadly.  I hope that as you thought about Godís movement in your life in the past and in this community you also took note of the places God is working right now. 

In the month of November I encourage and implore you to take some time at the back of the sanctuary to look through the magazines and find pictures that draw your curiosity or that illustrate the places in your life where God is inviting you to learn more.  The curiosity clusters are one way for us to share our interests with each other. 

I know from your conversations with me that you are all doing some wonderful and fascinating things.  I would love for each of you to share those stories and passions with our congregation. I think we often assume people know what we are doing in our following of Jesus, but what if they donít?  I believe that if we can share our stories with each other we might help to ignite new passions and curiosities in one another. 

Listen and seek each other out this month to discover what wonderful ways God is using your church family to love the world and serve. 

Pastor Rebecca