April 22, 2018: What are we working with?

The glass is half-full!

So often when congregations gather to talk about the future it is easy to gravitate towards all the ways we can’t or don’t do what we used to do.  The work of asset mapping is to help shift our perspective from the things we don’t have to the things we do have, our assets.

In the whole of Edmonton, we are in possession of many assets that can provide a foundation for future ministry opportunities.  We are beginning this way because we want to know what we are working with.  The more of us that are able to participate the more assets we can share and use to begin building a new foundation for our future service in Christ’s name in our city.

We look forward to seeing you at Edmonton Moravian Church on Sunday April 22, 2018 from 1-4pm for a pizza lunch (donations welcome), worship, and asset mapping workshop!