Who We Are

Lent has traditionally been a season, 40 days, of fasting and prayer in the Christian Church.  It was a time for believers to re-focus, re-new and re-engage in their spiritual lives and relationship with Jesus.  Here at EMC we are experiencing changes in the culture and neighbourhood around us, as well as within our congregational community.  The unified board and pastor Rebecca would like to encourage everyone to join us in a time of prayer and exploration during Lent.  

Beginning Wednesday February 14, we will gather for a mid-week experience of worship and a time of exploration that will invite us to re-focus, re-new and re-engage.  Each Wednesday during the season of Lent we will gather in the fellowship hall at 1:30pm.  

As we work to understand and live into God’s call on our lives, this work of prayer and discovery is imperative for the health of our future ministry.  We hope you will join in the conversations as we work together to imagine what the future of our congregation and the Christian Church might look like…and how we might work towards that future.

If you are interested or have questions about our congregation please contact the church office at 780-439-1063 or edmontonmoravian@shaw.ca.