Rajpur Foster Children Project

The Moravian Church operates an educational facility in northern India, at Rajpur, known as “the Moravian Institute.”  Disadvantaged children are taken in on the basis of need and provided with dormitory care and a quality education in English.  Many of the children are orphaned.  Some have been abandoned due to family breakdown, often caused by addictions or neglect, or they have been rescued street children.  About 200 students presently are in care.  Preference is given to girls, many of whom would not otherwise receive an education.  Religious affiliation is not a factor in admission, but the Institute is a Moravian Church facility and morning assembly includes a time of devotion and prayer which all students attend.  The students are enveloped in a loving Christian atmosphere, which contributes to their well being in a very tangible way.

Currently 60 students at the Moravian Institute at Rajpur are supported financially through the Rajpur Foster Children Project.  Canadian sponsors contribute $900 or more per year towards the actual cost of $1200 required to sustain a student and cover the costs of room and board, clothes, health care and education.  Sponsors receive letters from students at Easter and Christmas.

Graduating students who go on to higher education are often assisted by their sponsors and/or they can apply for a loan from the Lasting Legacy Project.  This is a fund which has been set up and financed by contributions from Canadian sponsors.

The love of God is thus shared in a tangible way to help needy children.  The outcomes have been remarkable.  Education is the key to breaking the bonds of poverty.  If you want to contribute to the Moravian Institute at Rajpur, the Lasting Legacy Project or sponsor a child, please contact the church office at 780-439-1063.