A Little History…

When Moravians first settled in this area, they came as homesteaders with hope of a new and better life in this country.  There were a few Moravian congregations that served these farming families.  As time went on and more people found themselves moving to the city, our congregation was born.  Not too far from the Strathcona Rail Station, it served the German-speaking population of the city of Strathcona faithfully.

We’re in a new location now, and since we’re a very diverse city, we are a diverse congregation.  Our worship style that blends traditional and modern components, our openness and welcome to people of all denominational backgrounds makes Edmonton Moravian a great place to call a spiritual home.

The Moravian Church is a worldwide organization — only 10% of our members reside in North America.  In developing nations, our focus is on education and outreach.  We sponsor many medical, educational, and agricultural workers as well as pastoral workers.

The primary focus of the Moravian faith is to develop a personal and abiding relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  Spiritual growth is encouraged, intelligent discussion on social issues is expected, and all faiths are welcome at every service, including Communion services.

We are a Protestant denomination with roots that predate Luther.  It was founded in Moravia, now a part of the Czech Republic.  We believe in God as Trinity, The Holy Bible as the primary guide for life and faith, the sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion, and spiritual growth through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and other journeyers.  The Moravian Church is recognized and accepted by all major churches and is a Charter Member of the National and World Councils of Churches.  Visit www.moravian.org for more a more detailed history of our church.

You’ll find people from all walks of life in the Moravian Church.  We believe that each person is unique and has a unique relationship with God.  Our worship services are alive with music, fellowship and good humour.  Come see for yourself; you’re always welcome.