Sharing the Light of Christ!

“Go tell it on the mountain, over the hills and everywhere!”

In the church we talk about the season of Advent in terms of weeks leading up to our celebrations of Christmas. We sing songs of anticipation and hope. We prepare our homes and churches with decorations for the holiday. We find comfort in message that light overcomes darkness and the promise of new life through Christ, Emmanuel, coming into the world.

Even, as we enter into this season of Advent this year I wonder about people who experience the darkness and difficulty of the world without knowing the promise we celebrate together? I wonder if in my preparation for the coming of Jesus, do I avoid looking around to others who might like to join me in the Light? I wonder if this year during Advent I might, with equal energy, intentionally share the light of Christ with others so that the promises that sustain me might become known to them?

As people of Light, I think that our faith compels us to move out into the darkness—to bring the light to the dark places of the world. I think that in this season of Advent we are called to bring our hope, our love, our peace and our joy out into the world we live in, into the relationships we share. WE are the Light and the Light lives in us—Christ has come to us and sent us to the world.

So each time we light a candle, sing a song, buy groceries, wait in a queue, share a meal, pray, or make preparations for tomorrow may we be reminded and encouraged to share with abandon the love of Christ we have experienced. And maybe this year someone will see for, the first time, light in the darkness.

Come, Come, Lord Jesus Christ!

In Peace,

Pastor Rebecca


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