When it rains…

“We can look at Lent as a time of death and dryness. Or, we can dream – as riverbeds do – and prepare for rain that will fill us with new life, courage and strength.” @CrumbyPrayers *this is a dried out riverbed near Medora ND at 106 degrees. -Rev. Brian Dixon

mendora ND brian dixon 2018

(photo and tweet credit to Rev. Brian Dixon @crumbyprayers)

Preachers are always on the lookout for good metaphors.  Things that our congregations can easily pictures in their minds and hopefully make connections from those pictures the God’s work and movement in the world.  I think that is why Jesus used so many parables. The point of teaching is not to sound smarter than everyone else in the room, the point of teaching is to help people learn.  

This is why I shared the thought by Rev. Brian Dixon, a Moravian pastor in Minnesota.  In two short sentences he sparked my imagination. I have to be honest I have never thought about a dry riverbed.  It just wasn’t on my radar. But it makes sense. Dry ground that is cracked and broken–it looks like nothing can help.  How will it ever be able to more than it is? The answer is water. Refreshing, renewing, running water.

What is the “water” that refreshes you in the dry and broken spells of life?  

How are we open to receive the renewal that comes naturally through God’s love and movement through the world?  

Are you preparing for the rains?  



Pastor Rebecca

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