Easter Renewal – Pastor Trina

In the Moravian Baptism liturgy the pastor asks, “Those of you baptized into Christ Jesus, how were you baptized?”  The congregation responds, “Into his death. We were buried with him through baptism into death, so that as Christ was raised from the dead through the glorious power of God Almighty, we too might be raised to live a new life.”

We often wander through Lent wondering if this time is really any different than any other Sunday. The hope for Lent is about making changes. Where have I wandered, where am I ignoring God, where have I refused to follow the Holy Spirit. Sometimes making the unpleasant decision to say, “Not my will but yours [God] be done.”

 Holy week becomes that turning point, we rejoice with Jesus at the passover meal and are given a gift of remembrance. On Friday we nail all those issues, sins, problems, etc. to the cross letting Jesus carry the burden we ought to carry. It’s hard to leave stuff from our life at the foot of the cross but Jesus invites us to and reminds us that he is a God that forgives and loves.

From there we go to the excitement of Sunday when the women go to the tomb and become the first proclaimers of a risen and living Christ. They and the disciples are renewed and energized to carry on the work that Jesus taught them. They (and we) are not left alone. The Holy Spirit lives in us giving us the strength to love and be loved, to sacrifice and maybe even give our life for another.

Be bold this Easter – Shout Hosanna wherever you go! See Christ in others and show that Jesus is alive in you. You never know how your renewal might lead to the renewal of another, which will lead to the renewal of more. We have been raised to new life and God wants that for the world. Celebrate love and watch the world begin to change.

Happy Easter everyone and may you be blessed to be a blessing.

Pastor Trina

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