Why Is the Sky Blue – Pastor Trina

Most of us have probably asked this question; or at least we have been asked it via a child.

What’s the answer? 

It’s blue just because it is, because God made it that way.

Why do we always have to give answers?

I think most of us would say it takes too much time to help someone think about the question or help them find answers. Maybe we aren’t sure of the answer and we are afraid to admit it. Maybe…

If God created us to be in relationship with one another couldn’t the exploration of possible answers be a means of spending time together? We live in a world with so many conveniences that save time – still we don’t have time to sit together with questions. When Ken asks me a question and I have no answer I enjoy looking on the internet and finding the answer. Sometimes it means stopping what we are doing to take the time to read the whole answer and maybe a little trivia as well. I like finding answers and as a pastor sometimes I find myself sharing the answers without helping people to sit with and explore the question. I enjoy when we stop during worship to share thoughts, feelings, etc. I feel closer to you. I feel like we are walking and learning together.

May 19 following worship we chose to spend time together and ask some questions. So often we rattle off what we think or what we feel and we don’t stop to listen to each other. This day we stopped. We ate together, we shared some important questions to help us to hear one another and to think intentionally about Edmonton Moravian.

We worked at not giving answers and we worked at listening to each other for the sake of listening. I believe events like this draw us closer. They can also show where our hearts are. What do we feel about this place and this space. What is God saying and are we willing to listen. Is there a direction that God is leading and who is God able to get to listen and share.

Talk, ask questions, listen, share. Together God will reveal answers.

Why is the sky blue?


Pastor Trina

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