Resetting Routines – Pastor Rebecca

Getting back into the routine of work brings with it an opportunity to get reorganized, to reset priorities and to start new rhythms.  While sometimes we are met with the challenge of reorganization by transitions in life, health or work, we can also choose to reset ourselves. How often do you reflect on your routine of prayer, worship, and community?  When you take a step back to consider your rhythms are there things that you would like to tweak?  Maybe you have been taking time to do devotions in the kitchen, might it give you a boost if you simply changed to the living room. I think it is a valuable practice and one that has been a part of the Christian tradition from the beginning.  Jesus was never one to follow the status quo…he kept changing things up, stepping back to reflect and pray and came in to readjust again.  After that the Apostles and churches that were established followed Jesus’ example.  They spent time out in the communities around them and responding to the needs they saw.  I believe this work was made possible by the time they spent in prayer together.  Prayer has the ability to open us to God’s will in different ways and sometimes all we need is to switch it up to see a new perspective.

I would like to set up a time to pray together outside of Sunday morning worship.  What might we discover if we came together during the week to pray with and for one another?  What might God begin to say to us about how God is at work in us for the future?  I will be working in October to set up a time for a drop-in prayer time at EMC.  I would love for you to join me!  If you also feel like you want to be a part of making space for a prayer group, please let me know.

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