Followers we are…

What does it mean to Follow Jesus? As Christians this question should be a regular one that we are asking and addressing in our lives.  After all following is about movement and when we are moving we have to pay attention to our surroundings as they change.  We wouldn’t suggest that the driver of the car, we are riding in, not look both ways before turning left or not to keep their eyes open for stop signs and pedestrians, right?  I wonder if we haven’t gotten so used to hearing the words “Follow Jesus” that we have forgotten that it reflects action and engagement.

So, just in case, I thought I would take some time to think about what I mean when I say I am a follower of Jesus.  Maybe this simple exercise will help you to think about your own discipleship too. Here is what I did.

I sat down and made a list for myself in response to these two questions:

Where do I see the movement of Jesus in my community (not just EMC)?  

Where do I see my daily life intersecting with Jesus’ movement in the community?

I realized, that while I saw some ways, that Jesus was working, I also became aware that I hadn’t spent much time actually looking for Jesus out there.  The intersections between my daily routines and Jesus’ routine were fewer than I would like. It is like I had been driving my car but without ever seeing where I had been.  I am a firm believer that it is always a good idea to check in with yourself once in a while. It can be a helpful way to keep your focus on God in your life and a gentle reminder of routines that may divert our attention from God’s call to be disciples.  

So as I was thinking about what it means for me to follow Jesus, it seems the first step is to spend some more time looking around for where Jesus is on the move and going there to join him.  You wanna come too? I would love some company.


Pastor Rebecca

Check out the work of Greg Finke, who is the author of “Joining Jesus on His Mission.”

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