Routines of Preparation

As I look out on what may be the last days of green leaves and grassy hills for a while, I am aware that as the fall approaches we are looking towards an interesting year ahead.  With new conversation circles starting up, maternity leave changes coming in December and all of the unknowable changes that may come with the changing seasons there is much to look forward to and to prepare for.

What are your routines of preparation?  Do you have a way of clearing out your gardens, saving the last of your vegetables, and setting up for the winter that will come?  How do these routines mirror the practices of faith and preparation you use as we enter into the end of the church year and look towards the advent season of new beginnings?  Sometimes this routine is simply taking time to look around and see what is already happening.

I was recently invited to attend a community roundtable discussion at United on Whyte, the new United Church that was formed after 4 area United Churches decided to merge into one congregation.  They invited local congregation leaders and community organizations to be in conversation about the needs of our community.  It was an energizing and informative morning.

Did you know that many of the agencies that work to provide food, safety, resources and support to us and our neighbours could use places to connect with clients and neighbours?

Did you know that there are many ways to support the important work that is happening in our community with resources we have on hand?

Do you know that we are already doing some of this work through our partnership with WECAN, the neighbour centre, and the interfaith centre?

We have been prepared for service in our communities and as we see these opportunities I pray we are encouraged to take them!


Pastor Rebecca

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